About Me

My son shine and myself.

My son shine and myself.

I have been in school for approximately 25 years. This includes k-12, college, working 1 year at a pre-school and my now 8 years of teaching as a Special Education Teacher.For the past 25 of my 30 years of life I have known the ritual of school, and in 8 weeks I am about to embark on the newest part of my life…A STAY AT HOME MOM.

I have been educated in knowing how to write a lesson plan, mastered the skill of holding my pee in for several hours until my miniscule excuse of a lunch break starts, graded papers, wrote IEP’s, contributed my vast knowledge in the insight of the mind of an emotionally disabled kid,( I’d like to think I have such great knowledge :0)  and yet I am about to embark on something that I feel like I don’t even have training wheels for. Why am  I so scared and excited to make this transition?

Well, because for the majority of my life I have either been in school or have taught at a school. I know the ins and outs of the educational realm. That feeling in August when you know your supply order is sitting in your room begging to be opened, pencils dying to be sharpened and the smell of dust that has slightly settled over your desk over the summer. There is the feeling of camaraderie among other teachers who “get” what it  is like to put in countless hours and not really see the financial reward of it. The inside jokes among other teachers who have secret codes for all the different kids we teach. (sounds worse than it really is) There is a sense of pride and ego to tell other people that you are a teacher, and have them respond with the oooh’s and ahhh’s and what patience you must have, or what a saint you must be. So to make the change from my kitten heels and  Anne Taylor hemmed pants to wearing a stained spit up shirt with maybe a smear of baby poop is why I am writing this blog.

I want other people to experience the changes and transitions with me. Who knows, maybe someone else out there is doing the same thing? I just know that I want to document the changes I am about to experience staying home and raising the best and most creative thing I have ever accomplished, my son. The next 5 years or so that I am about to take off are going to be unlike anything I have ever expected or experienced! In these next 5 years or so (because nothing goes as planned!) I am hoping to learn the skills of the trade that my mother and her mother and her mother seemed to have mastered in the fine art of cooking, cleaning, and homemaking. I am hoping to tap into my inner craft goddess and play dough maker, stroller pushing, diaper bag toting, playground lounging stay at home mommy.

There are of course other things I want to do, go to Grad-school, really learn to cook, maybe work part time hours tutoring or something of the sorts…but my main goal is to really embrace my new role of staying home. Something I have yearned for my whole life, and am finally able to do!

So to all the uber-feminists who are sneering their noses at me for “giving up my career” to raise my child , clean my house and cook for my husband, I say that you should keep reading my blog and maybe you will get some insight into this world that has existed before the new one that we are in! I want to finish this entry by saying  that a woman who chooses to work is not at all bad,  in fact I know many a moms who HAVE to work. I also want to add  that  being a feminist is not bad, again I know  many woman friends like this! I just don’t want to be judge for wanting to forgo my faster past life filled with nobility and ego to live the simple life…the life of a Teacher Turned Hobbit.

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