He loves to run in circles in the kitchen and zig-zag through the living room. His little hands flap in the air while he squeals several sounds that are the formations of new words, “WOW and Uh-Oh.”

He loves to smile while scrunching his nose, especially during bed time. He eats spaghetti by the fistful, and stuffs his face with every fruit snack in a way that would put a hamster to shame.

Every morning on our way to daycare he points to the helicopter on top of the nearby hospital while circling his hands saying, “voom, voom, voom.” As we walk into the building he waves “hello” to the fish tank and grabs his traditional set of two saltine crackers from the lobby.

He loves to sit on Daddy’s lap and play “Endless Reader,” and for some reason it is not the same as mommy’s lap.

He tries to sit on the blind, black pug and chase the cats. He loves to play in the sandbox, dig for worms in Mommy’s garden, and sit under Cora’s tree.

At night when he is scared he likes to curl up next to mommy’s chest, while sticking his feet in daddy’s face. And when the nightmares pass he wakes up and say’s “Ama, lo lo lo.” Which means “Mom, I love you.”

His favorite breakfast is pancakes, and now will only drink chocolate milk, and is on a white milk strike. He likes to watch Curious George, but screams in terror every time the episode with the frogs comes on. He likes to read his Llama llama books after his bath and will often curl up with three or four at a time, hard corners and all.

His names are bubbaloo, bubs, boo boo bear, pookie butt, IJ, sugar bear, the occasional demon child and every other cutsey name in-between. He is a twin to Cora and a big brother to Tyr, even though he may never know how special that title really is.

He loves playing on the playground, chasing his cousins, listening to his Nana, laughing at his Grumpy, kissing his Mommy, poking his Daddy, smiling at his Aunty Erica, teaching his Grandma about animals, eating apples with his Papa Doug, playing on the hammock with Grandpa and living every darn minute to its fullest.

He is my son, and today as of 2:26 am he is two years old. Every minute that he has taken a breath, he has taken mine away. I have loved and wanted him since before he was born, and he is the dream that was created for me.

Idan, I know you are only two and cannot read this, but I want you to know that the last two years have been the best of my life. I will love you every minute of your life, and every second of mine. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. You are my one greatest adventure.

Happy Birthday.

I love you. Ama