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I just got off the phone with my older sister. Her Birthday is today, but if I tell you her age she will kill me.  Even though she is young and insanely beautiful, she would somehow feel old seeing her age immortalized on the web.


She mentioned to me that anyone who is over the age of 16 shouldn’t celebrate their birthdays. Now, before you all get riled up and pull out the pitchforks and torches to blast this taboo notion that adults don’t deserve birthdays, she didn’t really mean it that way. More a tongue and cheek comment that the older you get, the less importance should be placed on this yearly ritual.


But I am a MEGA BIRTHDAY person. I cannot help it. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. I love everything about them. I love having a whole day about me, where I get to do…whatever I want to do. I love having a special dinner, special outfit, and to top it all off, after a whole day of “specialness,” I get to have cake!!  And if that isn’t enough I get presents too!! More wonderfulness!! Such a spoiled privilege that I like to indulge in.


But my sister is just not that way, and that’s ok. That is what makes her, well, her.  So, what is the point of this Birthday blog ramble?  Where is the “best” that the title announces, and how does it fit into this writing?


I am not sure.


I basically want to take a few paragraphs – ON my sister’s ACTUAL birthday – to tell the world how wonderful she is. Because, isn’t this the day where you can do that?


Where do I begin, without sounding like too much of an idolizing, weirdo fan, and more like the endearing little sister who looks up to, and is inspired by, her?  Well, I can only squeeze in a few memories and qualities, before this ends up being a novel instead of a blog post, so here goes:


My sister is Amazing.  Yup, she is my rock.  I cannot begin to express to you the depth of my love and friendship for her.  For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be just like her.  No Joke.  Still do.  When we were about six and nine we both auditioned for Missoula Children’s Theater Company.  She, being the natural actress, was immediately chosen and got a part.  I, being the not-so-natural actress, cried the entire audition and was not chosen.  All the people who were picked were asked to stay, and if you were not picked you were allowed to go.  I was confused and didn’t know what to do.  My sister, who has always been my champion, asked the directors  if her sister could sit with her while they talked to all of the selected kids.  She didn’t want me to feel left out or embarrassed.  And I wasn’t, because I felt more special sitting with her than getting picked.  And you know what?  The following year she coached me with some tips on how to do better, and I got my first acting part!


She is also super cool!  She has such an artistic knack for style that I can’t ever seem to get just right.  She recently cut her hair.  So I did too.  She showed me a new makeup product, and I went out and bought it.  She and I have come up with our own language that even the nerdiest people would cringe at.  I can tell her anything and she won’t judge me.  And if she does, she has good reason and usually good advice to follow.  She is extremely caring, loving and generous.  During my fertility journey I cannot tell you how much she helped us, emotionally, psychologically, and even in some cases, financially, without ever expecting anything in return.  She is a nurse like no other.  She has compassion towards every living creature, and her soul seems to recognize when a person is feeling at the their most vulnerable and can put them at ease with a simple shoulder pat, calm words, or a gentle glance.  She is raising two wonderful kids, and when I watch her with them, I can’t help but see us, ourselves, children again, in them. I love knowing that pieces of our souls are running around outside our bodies.


She’s also been there with me in my darkest of dark hours.  She has fallen down in the abyss with me, guided me so I wouldn’t completely crash, and has helped me pick up the shattered pieces.  During the dark days of Tyr’s diagnosis, she was there with me, holding my hand while the ultra sound tech kept revealing more and more bad news.  As I lay there sobbing on the table, she stayed strong and asked the questions I couldn’t.  But when I glanced out of the corner of my eye, her chin was quivering and tears were in her eyes.  She was there, in the darkness with me too, and was choosing to stay until I was ready to go.


The days following his passing were a blur, but somehow my sister made it okay.  She had the daunting task of cheering me up when I knew she was devastated too.  We both hugged each other and sobbed, then laughed about the amount of snot one person can produce, and proceeded to order Chinese food and do manicures and pedicures.


Only sisters know this kind of bliss.


I wanted to write this about my sister because I don’t think she gives herself enough credit. She does all these amazing things for people, and never expects anything in return. This may not be a reward, or her picture in the newspaper, but maybe this little bit of recognition on my itty bitty blog about my best friend will give her that much deserved Birthday Moment.  So to all of you out there who are reading this, know that there is this person on the earth, who is amazing, and is my sister.


So Erica, Happy Birthday. May you remember this moment of how important you are to me, and how even though you think it is silly, you deserve to have this one day where the world shines upon you!


I love you.


(Don’t expect a blog post every year…that is asking too much 😉


She told me this quote once and it rings true:


“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost”

– Marion C. Garretty