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8:52 PM and the boy just fell asleep. His night time routine started at 6:45 PM. Two hours and seven minutes after our night of bath, massages, and lullabies started. Idan and I have his bed time routine down like champions. When he was two weeks old, and I was in a state of sleep deprivation delirium, I decided to read the book Happiest Baby on the Block; Guide to Great Sleep and man was it a game changer! I followed about 98% of what Dr. Harvey Karp instructed, and Idan has been the Happiest Baby on the Block ever since. Except for tonight.

I guess I want to just write a short blog on the CHALLENGE and EXHAUSTION that is Bed time. Dr. Harvey Karp said that a lot of night sleep problems are sometimes sleep problems during the day. The boy has had a huge last few days. His little 8-month old world has been filled with swim lessons (mostly me pulling him around the pool while he chews on the little, plastic whale toy), bowling for the first time (which mainly consisted of my husband and I trying to console him since we were right under the loud, music speakers), and it was day-camp day and swarms of little unsupervised children were running around everywhere. It took all I had to silence the teacher voice in me and ignore them pouring coke products and wiping boogers on each other. Idan also has been traveling a lot, and spending time with family.

So, I had a feeling when he skipped his AM nap and took a three hour long afternoon nap, that I might be in trouble for the evening. We haven’t had too many nights where it has taken two plus hours, but tonight was one of those nights. I know any moms who have endured this may be biting their lips and shaking their heads in agreement. Putting an overly tired, teething baby to bed is NOT FUN.

I found that I was using everything in my arsenal to put him to bed. He had his usual bath with his favorite bath toys (which include a squeaky ABC book, and three little plastic fish). I sang him his favorite sleepy time songs, rocked him, holding him in various positions, and gave him pain meds for his gums. At one point, he was screaming so much after putting him down that I just brought him back out to play in his “exersaucer” with me feeling somewhat defeated. My husband was at his Writer’s Group and I was very much looking forward to having a few hours of alone time watching my sickly, guilty pleasure of “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

Anyways, where am I going with this blog tonight? Nowhere really. I just wanted to write what it was like to have my little moment of “going to bed madness.” There is so much about being mom that I am learning by fire. Or more like bath water, tonight. I am learning that being a mom is TOUGH. The amount of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy that is involved is enough to keep the world circling for eternity. I am tired from the sheer amount of time it took tonight to pick him up and put him down, console his tiny little crying body, and the emotional energy of trying to figure out what to do next (I don’t believe in letting him crying it out, so I like to use other tactics instead).

That is the main thing I have learned tonight. Sometimes, I am not sure what to do next, and that is okay. I am learning that advice from doctors is just that. Advice. I am the one who truly is learning what my son needs, and he is learning about me at the same time. So, even though I didn’t get my Toddlers and Tiaras fix, I did have that one beautiful moment right before my son fell asleep where he put his little hand on my face, snuggled his cheek next to my chest and closed his eyes. That was worth the extra two hours and seven minutes of my mommy shift.

Until next time. Good Night!