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I read a post on facebook from a friend of mine who said that trying to clean the house with kids is like trying to eat Oreos and brush your teeth! (I apologize if I butchered the original quote!) This spoke volumes to me! Even though Idan is not even crawling yet (God help us all when he does) I feel like I am perpetually whirl pooling in the same mess.

To add to that, it has been approximately 1 month and 1 day with my new SHARK status (Stay Home And Raise Kids) and so far these are the things I have learned:

One-My new wardrobe consists of varying types of yoga pants/sweat pants topped with X-large t-shirts to accommodate my still 2nd trimester size waist, usually garnished with either drool, vomit or poop.

Two-Babies are unpredictable. Just when I think I am creating  a pretty good schedule, BAM! Idan decides he wants to do something different. I guess I have to be flexible with this whole “parenting” thing.

Three-Losing the last 15 pounds of baby weight is very hard. I want to ramble about that for a moment. First off, I want to say Thank You to the universe and breast feeding that I did lose the initial 32 pounds fairly quickly. I was not anticipating that, and was pleasantly surprised at seeing that on the scale. I am discovering, however, that it is not just 15 pounds that I need to lose, it is that EVERYTHING about my body has changed! If any guys are reading this, they may find this part pretty boring, but my fellow ladies who have had babies probably understand.

My hips are wider making my pre-pregnancy pants fit weird, I am losing hair in massive wads at a time, my skin thank God is clearing up, but I resembled a 12 year old boy for months. I have this lower Kangaroo pouch that constantly jiggles when I walk, and when I try to suck it in, it literally doesn’t move (Jillian Michaels has a sit up to help fix that) and to top it all off, I went up an entire shoe size!! (which is not too terrible since that means at some point I can buy all new shoes) but for now, I have to resort to my last year pregnancy flip flops that have lost all the sequins and have a dark outline of my foot permanently embedded in them.

I am learning that Post Pregnancy is almost just as hard as being pregnant. Not everyone knows, but I had a very complicated pregnancy from weeks 20 on that included losing Idan’s twin sister Cora, diabetes, pre-eclampsia and 16 weeks of bed rest. I guess I am realizing that MY “Post Pregnancy” is going to be a little different than other people.

I am having to work harder regaining all the muscle tone and strength that I lost, and emotionally I am having to reconcile with losses that I endured those last 17 weeks. I have to remind myself that even though my pregnancy was difficult, my body held up its end of the bargain and did an amazing thing for me. It brought me Idan. My body endured to get Idan, and it endured a lot to keep him. My body is a pretty cool machine.

With  every extra pimple, stretch mark, bald spot and pair of boring shoes that now possesses me, it is worth it for creating the child that I have wanted my whole life. And even though I don’t have my banging 18 year body that I once had, free of pimples, dark spots and stretch marks,  I have the new, transformed version of my body that did an amazing thing for me.  So, I am going to take care of this body that was my miracle maker and be a little more forgiving of it taking it’s time to fit into cuter clothes. I am going to continue with my healthy eating plan and 30 day shred, and just enjoy the fact that my body has served its purpose. Because after all, what is 15 pounds in the long run? Thanks for reading my ramblings of today.

Highlights right now!

One of my best friends is fulfilling her dream and going to Ireland as part of her Master’s program. She is a beautiful writer, and I encourage all to read her blog during her adventure! elsmiller.wordpress.com

Idan is growing by leaps and bounds and I can hardly keep up with his appetite and his constant growing out of clothes!

I am currently on track to fulfilling some of my goals: I am going to be getting cooking “lessons” from my wonderful Father-in-Law this fall! He will be the best teacher.

I am more than halfway done with the 30 day shred. My husband and I are almost to level three, and even though it is torture everyday and I feel like crying, I am starting to see some positive results!