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My whole life I have prided myself on several things:

1) That I have worked every summer since I was 15 (minus my summer of bed rest last year)
2) I am a hard worker and really do try and put in at least 90% effort every day ….and finally…
3) That I am a person who is always on time, and never a minute late.

Oh no, being punctual is up there with cleanliness and holiness. I have always been told it is better to arrive 10 minutes early then 1 minute late. I USED to be that teacher who would arrive in her classroom 15 mins early typing away briskly on the computer smiling at the other teachers who would walk by my classroom with their coffee and bags in tow, scowl on their face and sweat on their brow, because they were obviously not on time.

I have become that person.

When I was pregnant I heard the term “baby brain” fly around. I even read about it in my daily pregnancy flip chart, and it said something to the effect that women will lose 10% of their brain functioning during pregnancy. Just during pregnancy? I feel like I have lost 50% of my brain post pregnancy. I am SURE I am not the only woman – who has a baby – to feel this way. I am just amazed at how much my mind is really affected by having my 15 lb bundle of joy.

Since I have had my son, I feel like that efficient, go getter type person has taken a back seat, and this frazzled, somewhat of a stare into space air head has taken over. Now I know a lot of people might read this and go, Uh, ya…having a baby and working 60+ hours a week will do that to anyone! But I never thought I would be that person who is constantly forgetting things, and arriving at destinations and places late.

I have always considered myself to be a workhorse and someone who can be counted on to be the most reliable person, but as of right now, I am barely able to get my cup of coffee together and two pairs of socks that match without the milieu of the 1000 other things I have to do annihilating me.

My three, fundamentally prideful ideals have come CRASHING.DOWN.

Lesson learned this week? Having a baby really does change the flow of who you are. I can no longer sleep in that extra 10 minutes and get away with it. That extra 10 minutes could be appointment suicide if the baby decides last minute to spit up on my neatly pressed blouse, or have a blowout that requires several minutes and wipes later.

It is truly not about me anymore, and I am learning that I have to adjust MY schedule to the little man on my lap. I may not be pregnant anymore, but I think I can pull the “New Mama”  brain card once in awhile.

So for all the people out there…if I am late to your function, I apologize, I am still recovering the 10% that I lost during pregnancy!


Some highlights in the Humphrey Household:

  • Idan tried bananas for the first time…he was not sure what to think. (Thanks mom for the baby bullet )
  • Everyone has seemed to come off of some kind of cold, flu or allergies ailment this week. Fingers crossed for a long time before the next bout!
  • I will officially be hobbit home bound in 2 1/2 weeks…and I am READY!!