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Two main things I would like to share on today’s blog. One, my husband and I both decided it was time to lose our pregnancy weight…yes, I said my husband, because he too shared in the glory of my pregnancy, and our number one love language to each other is going out to eat and showering each other with chocolate chip cookies. Two, my son’s first day at daycare. Daycare you say? But isn’t this supposed to be a blog about a teacher turning into a small, homebound, tea drinking, bread baking hairy creature? Yes, but not for another 7 weeks.

I am still currently fulfilling my duties as a Special Education teacher. I want to preface by saying that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with daycare. In fact, one of my jobs post college was working at one. I just want to be the one my son see’s the majority of the day. For five months I have done just about everything humanly possible and have exhausted all options for family to watch Idan. My husband even took off 2 months for paternity leave to watch him.  It has been a huge relief and comfort for me to have him with the people I love and trust the most.

Idan has been the one thing I have wanted all my life, and the thought of having complete strangers watch him scared me beyond anything. What if they let him cry it out and are too busy with other kids to feed him? What if they leave him in a dirty diaper all day? What if they hurt him? What if they don’t like him? All these thoughts pulsated through my mind for months…and today was the day to put all my fears to the test.

I cried handing him over to my husband to put him in his car seat ( I work out of town, so my husband drops him off, Thank God) gave him a kiss, and they left. I drove to work, staring at the snowy windshield, drinking my expensive coffee, completely panicking. It wasn’t until 11:30 when the day care director sent me photos of Idan watching bubbles that it occurred to me….he looked happy. He looked like he was having a good time. He was sitting there with all the other babies engaged in the activity. All the fear of the Big Bad Day Care Monsters seemed to dissipate, and the breath I have been holding in my chest seemed to release.

When I got home, my husband handed him over to me, my son buried his head in my neck and all felt right in the world.  The day went just fine, and was completely a normal day. I realized that I have survived tougher than this, and really in the long run, it is ok.

Since I have monopolized most of the blog on talking about my son’s first day of daycare I have not left much room to discuss the title of the blog.

Jillian Michael’s inferno death hell of a workout called The 30 day shred. More like the 30 day dead, cause that is how I feel after day 2. After many months of indulging in goodies and a sedentary existence, my husband and I felt like it was really time to kick it into gear. It has been almost 6 months since I had Idan and frankly I am tired of recycling through the same 3 not so cute outfits. The thing to know about the 30 day shred is that it does work. It is 25 minutes of hardcore, non-stop, kick you in your face workout….but then you are done.

The beauty of it is that it now fits into my new lifestyle as a mommy. I don’t have to gather all my gear and drive to the gym, and come home. This program makes it possible for me to workout at home while my son is relentlessly crying in his playpen for 25 minutes. (He really hates Jillian Michaels and the moment she starts talking he wails the entire time) My husband and I take turns jogging over to him trying to shooosh him while totally being sweaty and out of breath.

Even though it is only day 2 my world feels more normal again. It has been so long since I have used my body in this way, and I am just grateful that I am able to do this again. My husband and I look utterly ridiculous since we are both horribly out of shape, but afterwards we feel good that we are engaging in healthy habits that we want our son to follow. The challenge still lies ahead of me…2 days down 28 to go…but I don’t just see this as a 30 day challenge, I see this as a life time challenge and that one of the best ways to show love to Idan is for his mom to love and nurture herself as well. Happy Sweat Burning Everyone!